Who Is Dying, and Why?

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Our nineteenth COVID-19 white paper is, “Who Is Dying, and Why?” by Rajiv Sethi, Divya Siddarth, Nia Johnson, Brandon Terry, Julie Seager, Mary Travis Bassett, and Meredith Rosenthal. Abstract It is commonly asserted, with some justification, that viruses do not recognize social boundaries. And yet the statistics on the demographics of those afflicted and felled by […]

Preparedness and Unpreparedness: The Military vs. Medicine

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Our fifteenth COVID-19 white paper is, “Preparedness and Unpreparedness: The Military vs. Medicine,” by Meredith Rosenthal and David Jones. Abstract As the COVID-19 pandemic intensified in the spring of 2020, many Americans were shocked to see how quickly hospitals were overwhelmed in affected cities. Our medical and public health infrastructure was clearly not prepared, leading […]