Federalism Is an Asset

Alexander Hamilton with photoshopped covid mask

The U.S. is designed to be centralized and decentralized at the same time, which is exactly the structure we need right now to fight COVID-19. The ideological battles between conservatives and liberals always assume “either/or”—it is either the federal government or the states/localities that we need to steer policy, when actually it is both/and.

Securing Justice, Health, and Democracy
against the COVID-19 Threat

legislative chamber

The first white paper examining the impact of the pandemic on democracy is Securing Justice, Health, and Democracy against the COVID-19 Threat, by Danielle Allen, Lucas Stanczyk, I. Glenn Cohen, Carmel Shachar, Rajiv Sethi, Glen Weyl, and Rosa Brooks. You can also find Danielle Allen’s associated op-ed in the Washington Post, “America Needs to Be on a War Footing,” […]