Madison AERP program shares first annual report

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The City of Madison’s Community Alternative Response Emergency Services (CARES) program is one of the partner cities currently piloting an alternative response program and sharing data and insights with JHD AERP Principal Investigator Danielle Allen and Program Leads, David Knight and Benjamin Barsky. This week, the City of Madison shared its CARES annual report and held a press conference documenting the program’s impact in its first year a

Benjamin Barsky

Benjamin Barsky

Doctoral Fellow, Justice, Health, and Democracy Impact Initiative, Harvard University

A New Foundation for Justice, Safety, and Equity: Key Principles

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Our overarching societal goals of delivering safety and well-being for all require securing the foundations of mental and physical health, freedom from violence, freedom of movement, housing security, food security, access to opportunity, and undistorted recognition of one’s full personhood.