New publications from the GETTING-Plurality network


JHD’s GETTING-Plurality research network, part of the Allen Lab for Democracy Renovation, has released two new white papers to coincide with the launch of the network and its new website.

In Ethics of Decentralized Technologies: Lessons from Web3, the Fediverse, and Beyond, authors Danielle Allen, Eli Frankel, Woojin Lim, Divya Siddarth, Josh Simons, and E. Glen Weyl propose a pragmatic, democratic, and pluralist approach to navigating bold experimentation with social practices & political economy enabled by recent advances in decentralized social technologies.

Plural Publics, authored by Shrey Jain, Divya Siddarth, and E. Glen Weyl, explores the importance of context in emerging social technologies, advocating the need for a diversity of (plural) publics, each externally private but with the ability to coordinate and share internally and protect against external sharing outside of context.

The GETTING-Plurality network’s Our Work page offers a wealth of insight into the both the ethical implications of emerging decentralized technologies as well as the potential to use these tools to reimagine effective democracy for all.